EUR/AUD on revival mode?

FXstreet.com (Chicago) – EUR/AUD evidences two spikes within the past hour after double topping (November 27th highs) on visit to 1.4980 session highs on Thursday’s journey.

EUR/AUD Technical Levels

Price action reveals the pair seems to attempt to break above the 1.4940 zone unsuccessfully after retracing throughout Thursday on post-rally corrective move. On longer term timeframes the pair is highly supported by upward movements from the primary, secondary and short-term trends. Technically speaking, the pair is offered at 1.4930 and oscillates between the supports aligned at 1.4886 (August 22nd highs), 1.4844 (August 25th highs) ahead of 1.48 (August 26th highs) and …read more