I’ve used the service for around 6 weeks now so thought I’d write a review

1) The alerts and analysis are superb, they have helped me look at the market in a totally different way and I know see the fundamental background to each and every set up I take on all my systems.
2) The APP is ace – it takes me 10 mins a day to set up (15 if I’m still half asleep) and that’s it. I’m done.
3) The results – late Dec was dead as it was Xmas so there were little alerts. Jan – the first 2 weeks I made a loss but after a stern lesson from the in house trader on consistency I could see where they were and saw where I’d gone wrong. The last 2 weeks of Jan were fantastic – so despite late Dec and Early Jan mishaps I’m now about 3% up so chuffed.

I’d pay the money all over again for the advice I’ve received alone!